Sergio Cerchi was born in Florence, where he still lives and works and where he received a diploma from the Porta Romana Art Institute and has attended courses at  the Cherubini Conservatory. His education included, from its beginnings when he was very young,  interconnected experiences in music and the visual arts. These became inseparable passions which he cultivated with tenacity and determination, and wich brought him into the workshops of diverse artists and led him to play in various musical groups. He began to paint at about the age of 15, experimenting with varied tecniques and approaches until he developed his own style. "Figures and Geometries "constitutes his version of the real, accentuated by an ethical impulse that expresses not only artistic values but also philosophical, historical and psychosocial ones. From his first  pictorial works with landscapes and vistas, his style evolved towards"cubist" evocations and re-workings of his own experiences which radically changed in color and material structure. The subjects and backgrounds in his painting have multiplied as in a musical pentagram, softening plain horizons and volumes, details  and figures emerging clearly, composed in an entirely original manner. The oil color tones of his work, from the warm tones of carmine red and the mixed shades of ocher to the antique greens and blues with masterly shadings of luminous grays, give substance to the stony sculptural elements, recalling  materials used by great masters of art from the Primitives to the Renaissance which thus nourish the painting and poetic quality of Sergio Cerchi.